Era Fashion  is a very popular activity for the ladies especially on the national level. Locally our club has not be very active doing this. Why you might ask? I believe that someone or something, like this new website will help give the folks an idea of how fun era fashion can be. Driving your 92-95 year old Model A and wearing attire from this era will not only help drive the interest in the club, but could be very fun for both the man, the woman, as well as the rest of the family. Just think how much enjoyment people would receive seeing you in the IOWA STATE PARADE dressed like the folks in the photos from one of the Model A Restorers Club, National Club meets.  This web page and any sub pages will be the place to go to see what others in the club are doing.  So everyone lets get involved. Since I have been a member, this aspect of our club has not been very active.  I think everyone likes to dress up, so why not in Model A Era Fashion? I like to have fun, so I’m working on my As and my Model A Era wardrobe, how about you!