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Decades of experience

The Ford Model A was in production from 1928 – 1931. It was the second huge success for the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Model T being its first.

Bob Darr started the club in 1961 after sending letters to other Model A owners in the Central Iowa area.  The response was very good so he sent a letter to interested Model A’ers inviting them along with their families and friends to attend the first meeting at the Water Works Park in Des Moines, Iowa.  Bob arranged everything including a prize of Ford Script Model A Running Board Steps.  The local Radio and News Papers were alerted. The original meeting was a great success and in those early years there were many events where the Model A club members got together to enjoy the cars, the learning experiences and the social activities. 

Don’t Compromise When It Counts Most

Why join Us



Our members frequently drive their cars to our events. If you want to really have fun driving a Ford Model A, you should try traveling the back roads of America and driving the backroads and byways of Iowa. Iowa is full of Scenic Vistas, Outdoor Activities, Adventure, Lodging, and Dining. Especially on GAMARAI.



Our members are an ambitious group who love our classic cars as much as we love exploring new places. We are always looking forward to our next great tour. Our Vice President has lead a tour to all of 99 Iowa State Parks over the past year to celebrate there 100th year Anniversary.



Our members have been working on their cars from the day they purchased them. Today it is estimated that there are over 250,000 Model A's still in use today. Some of our members don't have a Model A, but there are some members with only one A, and some who have over a dozen A's.

We look Forward to having you as one of our members

Our membership if for the whole family.  Our clubs offer scholarships to young people to help them restore their car or go to collage.  As families we have fun driving our cars in parades, like the Iowa State Fair Parade and for local celebations. The highlight of the year is always going to a different part of Iowa on GAMARAI. Great Annual Model A Ride Across Iowa.  

So if you don’t own a Model A, or you just like Model A’s, or you are looking for a great adventure in Iowa. We are here to help you reach your goals. Put a Check Mark on your “Bucket List”, or enjoy some of the friendliest people ever. Come join us! 

We Will Have Fun With You Every Step Of The Way

Sixty Two years and counting. Our club needs people like you who love classic cars and love to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Ask Us Anything, Anytime.

As the website becomes fully operational the check boxes will be working.  If needed contact info@centraliowamodelaclub.com