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Our club is really Three Clubs in One

Model A Restorers Club

Often referred to as MARC, Model A Restorers Club was started in 1952 in California. Many of our members belong to this national club of which we are recognized as the CENTRAL IOWA REGION. We use many of their resources and guidelines for restoring our cars. Learn more about this club and the benefits of of being a National Club Member.

Central Iowa Model A Club

Our local club was started in 1961 by Bob Darr. Bob sent letters to Model A Owners in Iowa inviting them along with their families and friends to attend the first meeting at the Water Works Park in Des Moines. The original meeting was a great success. Our club continues its history here in Central Iowa. Read more about our clubs history, and the Model A History. Did you know Des Moines had a Model A Ford Factory were some of our cars may have been produced? Hit the tab button to read more about our club.

Model A Restorers Club of America

This club often referred to as MAFCA, Model A Ford Club of America was started in 1955 in California also. Having a different view point on some issues, it is another great National Club of which our club is referred to as an Iowa Chapter of Model A Ford Club of America. Also a great National Club to belong too. .

We continue to work on our new website

 My name is Ron Huntimer, the  Director of Publications and your Webmaster. This has been an exciting 2023. My first year as Webmaster is almost completed. I have learned a lot and continue to learn and improve our website.

“Green Geeks”, our web hosting site has been very helpful working with us, as well as WordPress and Elemenator. 

Kay Huntimer has put together a totally new newsletter for the club.  She had a contest to name our new newsletter publication.  “Ahooga” was selected for the name. I have gotten many complements on her work from members and others. Kay is always looking for suggestions. She totally loves working on each new monthly issue. I use some of her work, ideas and photos on the website. In the future we are hoping to get copies of past newsletters posted on the website.

I continue to strive to lean more skills and technics for the site. I encourage members to send me and Kay your photos. Using them, graphics and videos helps us tell the story of our club.  

As you read and discover many new things about the website, be assured that the site is always changing. Suggestions and assistance are always appreciated.   

Ron Huntimer 

Activities for Every Member






The club in 2023 is arranging many tours, from one-day tours in the Des Moines Metro area, 2- 3-day weekend tours, and even week-long tours. In addition many National and Regional gatherings with tours are sponsored by the National Clubs we belong to. Please join us for GAMARAI in its 26th Season. GREAT ANNUAL MODEL A RIDE ACROSS IOWA. Clink on the link boxes to get more info or go to the Activity web pages in the index.

Join us for our scheduled workshops, they are a great way to gain knowledge about the Model A. Be it a Tech Meet on repairing or fixing your Model A, a program for youth, or programs and activities dedicated to the fashions of the Model A Era, or just  enjoying time with friends.   
Each month the club has Breakfast at IHOP in Ankeny. A social night at an area restaurant or ice cream shop. PotLucks at our business meetings. The Iowa State Fair Parade and other parades and events we are invited to participate in through out the year. Yes, a summer picnic and an annual awards banquet. There are numerous events for fellowship thru out the year. Check our event calendar for all the Model A Happenings for our club and other Regional and National events.


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Director of Finance Merchandise Coordinatior

Ron Huntimer

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Kay Huntimer

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Board Member (2026)

Yes, some  Model A’s  were turned into speedsters