February 2023

Marty and Rhonda Green

Marty’s 1st antique car, 1966 Ford Galaxie.

Marty received his 1st antique car at the age of 16, a 1966 Ford Galaxie.   Marty’s dad had bought this car new in 1966. Marty and Rhonda now own 11 Model-A Fords, two Model-T Fords, and a 1928 Graham Paige.

 Marty says, “There is nothing more fun than seeing 8 or 10 Model-A Fords going down a scenic, winding road ahead of you with beautiful scenery behind them”. . .”I enjoy the people you meet, the friends you make and the places these little cars can take you.” “With a Model-A it isn’t just a trip it is an adventure.” When you are driving cars built 90-100 years ago you aren’t sure you are going to make it. You might need to fix her along the way. You actually feel like a part of the car. There is nothing like looking out over the hood, the fenders and seeing those headlights. Working on them is almost as fun as driving them.

“What I like about the people is that, most of them are just out to have fun. They have nothing to
prove & realize that it’s about the cars, the people and the countryside. By the way, who else enjoys
spending afternoons exploring old junk yards?”
The Greens drove their 1928 Graham Paige (pictured below on right) to the January CIMAC Awards Banquet in Des Moines.

1928 Model A Roadster——–1928 Model A Tudor——1928 Model A Roadster Pickup

1929 Model A Roadster——–1929 Model A Fordor Leatherback——1929 Model Am Fordor

1930 Model A Fordor Deluxe———-1930 Model A Tudor———-1931 Model A Roadster

1931 Model A Sport Coupe———–1931 Model A Coupe————-1927 Model T Touring

1919 Model T Touring———–1931 Graham Paige Fordor Sedan